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UC Davis is pleased to introduce Tuition Refund Insurance and the Student Protection Plan™, in partnership with GradGuard™. The safety of our students is a primary concern and this exciting opportunity provides students and their families with a suite of exclusive benefits and insurance designed to help protect students during their academic career.

Tuition Refund Insurance
Student Protection Plan
College Parents of America
  • Tuition Refund Insurance

    Tuition Refund Insurance, underwritten by Markel Insurance Company, can help refund the cost of attendance, up to the policy limits, if a student is unable to complete classes for the semester due to a covered medical reason or death of the primary tuition payer. Covered medical reasons can include illness, accident, injury, or mental health issue*.

    What costs are covered?
    Tuition Refund Insurance covers the costs that may not be returned by the school. This can include funds paid from savings, student loans, college savings plans, or other means. Covered expenses include:

    • Tuition
    • Academic fees
    • Room and Board
    • Books
    • Other eligible education expenses

    The amount of coverage needed varies by student and family. Consider all of the expenses associated with attending college that you would lose if a covered medical withdrawal were to occur. Money at risk can include funds paid from personal savings, student loans, and college savings plans.

    *If a withdrawal is due to a mental health issue, 2-day hospital stay required; hospital stay must occur prior to date of withdrawal.

  • Student Protection Plan

    The Student Protection Plan is a bundle of benefits designed to provide greater security for students and their families, and you won’t want to leave for school without it. With benefits like Family Emergency Travel, Roadside Assistance and ID Theft Resolution, the Student Protection Plan helps students prepare for the unexpected on campus and beyond.

    Family Emergency Travel
    Many students study away from home and reuniting the family can be difficult – especially in the event of an emergency. With Family Emergency Travel from Kindred Travel LLC, students and their parents receive coverage for travel assistance, emergency economy transportation, room and board and repatriation of remains if either the student or their parents is hospitalized for at least 5 days due to a serious injury or illness and/or dies. Family Emergency Travel can help you and your family come together during these difficult events.

    Emergency Medical Evacuation
    For some college students, travel is a way of life. Many attend schools far from home or will travel to a program in a remote area during their college years, domestically or abroad, where there may not be access to an appropriate medical facility in case of a medical emergency. Emergency Medical Evacuation from Kindred Travel LLC provides up to $50,000 in evacuation benefits to transport the student to the nearest medical facility.

    Identity Monitoring and Resolution Services
    Students can help keep their identities safer with Identity Monitoring and Resolution Services from Affinion. The web-based monitoring service uses email to notify students if personal information is compromised and helps you recover easier with restoration services if you become a victim of identity theft. Services
    Social media has become a fixture of college life, however, there are some things students may not want online. With services from, students can get help monitoring and controlling their personal information on the Internet. After registering, will scan the Internet and provide alerts when information is found.

    Roadside Assistance
    Having a car on campus is a dream-come-true for many students, but taking care of it can be a challenge. Roadside Assistance provides 24 hour Dispatch services in case of a breakdown including emergency road service, tire service, battery service, and lockout service. Offers three claims a year up to $100 per claim and all services are provided by Quest Towing Services.

  • College Parents of America

    Enrollment in this exclusive package also includes an annual Student Membership in College Parents of America. College Parents of America is the nation's only membership organization designed for college students and their families.

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