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Tuition Refund Insurance

Sending your child off to college can be a large investment – is your family safeguarded against the unexpected? In case your student can't complete classes for the semester due to a covered illness or injury, Tuition Refund Insurance can help you protect your investment in the event of a medical withdrawal, such as:

  • Unexpected illness
  • Medical injury
  • Unexpected family death
  • Mental health condition

Learn more about Tuition Refund Insurance and how it can help protect your family.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance from GradGuard offers unique features that are suited to the lifestyles and living situations of college students and young adults. The plan offers worldwide coverage, so if you study or travel abroad, you'll be protected. If you face a loss, the plan will replace your belongs, not just refund you for what your old ones were worth with replacement cost, with electronics, like your laptop, covered up to the policy limits.

With a low deductible of $100 and a flexible payment plan, Renters Insurance from GradGuard works on a young adult budget.

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